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January 15th, 2023

How do you pack a TV when moving?
It’s no secret: Moving into a new home or self storage unit can be hectic. And unlike other household items, you can’t place a TV into a standard moving box and call it a day. Even so, it’s best to take the time to pack and move your TV to avoid potential damage properly. Instead of throwing your TV in your car or on the bed of your moving truck, follow these straightforward steps to pack a television for moving: 

Step One: Unplug any cords and accessories
The first step in preparing your TV for a major move is unplugging and organizing its external cords. In addition to the TV’s power cord, you could also have half a dozen other cables that you’ll need to keep tabs on. These could include extra HDMI cables, cable cords, and any cords hooked up to DVD/Blu-Ray players or gaming consoles. As you pack your TV for moving, try to keep all of your cords and accessories together. That way, they won’t be lost or misplaced during the move. For example, if you use a Nintendo Switch gaming system with your TV, pack your console, dock, joycons, games, and all necessary cords together in one box.

Step Two: Wrap the TV Screen
This is a step that’s often overlooked during the moving process. It’s essential to protect your TV screen from scratches that could be caused by movers or packing material. Even if you’ve packed your TV inside its original box, it can still be damaged if it’s not secured with proper protective padding. Depending on what you have available, there are a few different ways to pack a TV for moving. The TV’s original protective sleeve usually works great. However, moving blankets, bubble wrap, and TV foam pouches and covers are also great options. These can often be purchased easily online or at your local hardware store.

Step Three: Find a Suitable Moving Box
We all have that one person in our lives who insists on keeping the original packaging for everything. And in situations like these, holding onto old boxes and styrofoam sleeves can really come in handy. Simply put: Packing a TV in its original box is ideal for moving. That’s because the box and its included protective sleeves were explicitly designed to keep everything intact. Whether you purchased your TV online or picked it up in a store, these boxes protect your TV protected during shipping and transporting. While we recommend keeping the original packaging, we also understand the desire to recycle old boxes toreduce clutter. In the future, if you decide to get rid of the packaging, keep the protective sleeve handy instead. These included sleeves are the ideal barrier between your screen and packing material.

Step Four: Secure the TV Inside the Moving Truck
Once the television is padded and boxed, it’s time to get it loaded into your car, van, or moving truck. Slide it into the vehicle in an upright position, and you’re good to go! Ideally, you’ll want to store the flat screen between other items. That way, there’s less of a chance of it moving around. Moving the TV off the ground reduces the risk of other heavier items falling on top of it.
** Can you lay a TV down to move it? 
Flat-screen televisions should always be stored upright and elevated if possible. If you lay your TV flat during the move, you risk damaging the TV’s exterior with the weight of other objects. This can lead to scratches in the screen, cracks in the body of the TV, and further external damage. Safely packing your TV in a proper moving box should help you avoid this. 

Step Five: Unpack the TV With Care
Once the TV gets to its new destination, you’re not quite finished yet! To complete the TV moving process, you must keep a few things in mind.
How to safely unpack a flat-screen TV:
- If movers set down the TV, make sure they place it in an upright position 
- Carefully unbox your TV as soon as possible to get it safely out of the way
- Use two or more people to lift the screen out of the moving box
- Only try to do this yourself if the TV is light enough 
- Also, don’t place the box flat on the ground and try to slide the TV out
- Let the TV come to room temperature before you plug anything in and turn the power on
- Make sure the TV stand or console table is large and sturdy enough to accommodate the flat screen 
- If you are using a wall mount, make sure it is drilled into studs or that the proper anchors are used

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