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January 15th, 2024

5 Proven Tips for Winter Clothes Storage - Okotoks Prairie Self Storage

1. Organize and Clean Your Seasonal Clothing

You’ve heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” In this case, that means before you pack, go through your winter clothing collection and pull-out items that you no longer need or want. It doesn’t make much sense to pack and store these items if you aren’t going to wear them again. Save yourself the time, effort, and closet space by donating, selling, or gifting these items instead. You’ll also want to be sure your winter clothing is clean and dry prior to storage. Especially if you’re packing away ski and snowboard gear, snow boots, and other outdoor winter clothing. The reason being, dirt, dust, and grime often leave a lasting impression on fabrics, affecting the color, feel, and look over time. Take time to run your items through the wash before storage.

2. Find a Good Seasonal Clothing Storage Spot

Finding a good spot to store your winter clothing (like Prairie Self Storage - Okotoks) is just as important as how you pack. As you seek out the perfect location, there are two important traits to look for:
- Humidity
- Temperature
Your goal is to store your winter clothes in a dry and temperature-controlled area. That way you prevent high humidity from causing mildew growth and extreme temperature changes from altering the fabrics. Attics, garages, and sheds are NOT recommended for seasonal storage for this reason. If you can manage, we recommend using a space like your closet or somewhere else indoors.

3. Use Wardrobe Boxes For Storage at Prairie Self Storage - Okotoks

If you're like most people, you likely don't have much closet space to spare. If that's the case, we highly recommend investing in a wardrobe storage box (or two) for your storage needs. Although typically used for moving, wardrobe boxes are also an excellent option for clothes storage. The metal hanging bar keeps your hanging clothes wrinkle-free, and the double-wall design provides strong and sturdy protection for your wardrobe. This innovative design ensures that your clothes remain in pristine condition until next winter.

4. Use Winter Clothing-Friendly Packing Supplies

It's not enough to use wardrobe storage boxes alone. You’ll need some other packing supplies to successfully store your winter gear. As the packing experts, we’ve compiled a short list of items that will work wonders for keeping your winter and seasonal garments clean and dry over the summer.
- Packing Paper – For items you intend to fold (sweaters, pants, etc.) it’s recommended you place a piece of packing paper in-between the garments for extra protection from dust and color transfer. Use an acid- and ink-free paper, like U-Haul Packing Paper, for added care.
- Clear Shoe Boxes – Whether you use plastic shoe boxes to protect your winter footwear from dust and dirt, or to protect your garments from your muddy snow boots is entirely up to you. Clear shoe Boxes are reusable, durable, and stackable for convenient shoe storage.
- Moisture Absorber – Keeping your winter garments indoors will go long way toward preventing mildew growth and unwanted odors. But to go the extra mile, toss a Moisture Absorber / Odor Remover into your boxes as well to keep things dry and smelling fresh.
- Packing Tape – It’s not enough to keep your clothes in a box. For added protection, seal every seam shut using box tape to keep pests from invading and ruining your seasonal wardrobe. Don’t forget to seal the hand holes by placing a strip of tape over them as well.

5. To Fold or To Hang? How to Store Winter Clothes to Avoid Wrinkles

Not all clothing should be stored on hangers. Likewise, certain items shouldn’t be folded, especially if you’re storing these items long-term. So, which garments get folded, and which go on a hanger? Generally, delicates, knits, and other ‘flimsy’ items should be folded so they don’t stretch-out. Conversely, winter coats and jackets should be stored on hangers so they stay wrinkle-free and aren’t crushed inside the box. For shoes, crumple some packing paper and place the wads inside so they keep their shape.

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